Beautiful hair is a process

Be the best of what you ever dreamed of even more. We promise you QUALITY in material, PERFECTION, DISTINCT BEHAVIOR of staff, SERVICE, AND SUPPORT.

VISAGE believes hair is the glory of your beauty. To be the best, you must refer to the best.


We provide you with high-end hair solutions, inspiring and encouraging you every step of the way to reach the maximum ever dreamed hairstyle to amaze the world around you.


Choose the hair that suits your lifestyle and needs

Our hair salon’s mission is about reinventing and refreshing the beauty already there and help you make it perfect one more time. We choose the cut for your customized style based on whatever matters to you, your working position, personality, a characteristic change, or anything that matters to you.






Exemplary prices for individual
hair styling needs

Ladies Hair Design

Shampoo & Cut

Shampoo, Cut & lowdry

Shampoo & Blowdry

Colour By L’Oreal Technician

Roots colour

Full Head


from £17
from £20
from £15


from £35
from £40



Half Head Highlights

Full Head Highlights

Permanent Waving

Full Head

Hair up on request


from £28
from £40
from £48
from £50

Waxing – Legs

Half Leg

Top Leg

Full Leg

Full Leg & Bikini Line

High Bikini





Waxing – Arms


Half Armis

Full Arms

PManicure – edicure




from £13.5
from £20
0 k

 Our stylists are constantly learning and taking courses to be on the cutting edge of every new trend.
Are you one of those always not sure about what they are looking for? Visit our VISAGE hair salon and use our professional stylist consultation to become convinced of what it is that you wish to be.

Our hair colors are blended; they will not damage your hair and keep your hair’s natural shine.

We care about hair, so never expect us to add more chemicals to damaged hairs.


Emma Reyes

I have curly hairs that need waxes most of the time, and if not done with great attention and care, it turns moisty and the next day makes a terrible scene. Thank you Visage it was just the right moist I wanted.

Shearly Debeljak

Evn I don’t dare to look at my nails they turn, they expand, they act like anything but nails. Nails job at Visage and the color they picked for me. I feel good looking at my hand working and typing whole day long . Visage , you are my girl!

Penelope Galope

I wanted a complete change and Visage made it happen just enough. I alwayes wanted to feel the sudden redo of my fiends. It’s gtreat. Thenk you Visage.

Jenny Maze

I always notice the details and It’s hard to work with me . I sometimes make the sallon to repeat a coloring job because I can see some not good enough shadows. But it was flawless with Visage. Believe me when I say it.

Kerry Gold

It was my first experience with this salloon and it was perfect job. I couldn’t believe I was the center of all attentions around me after a long time. Thank you Visage


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